o-BALD-EAGLE-freeI am at your service to help facilitate your healing journey; an experience of triumphant healing, self love, inner peace, and heart opening as experienced by my cherished clients. Here are some of the great things they’ve said about my services. I will do everything in my power to make sure you are satisfied and liberated, too!

“The power of Troy’s sound healing can truly only be explained through the experience. However, I would say it is a life altering clearing of your energetic body that will release a lifetime worth of pain and suffering. His work has assisted my journey in loving myself and accepting all that is and ever was. As a yoga teacher and student of metaphysics I have openly sought out many ways of healing my soul and spirit. It wasn’t until I worked with Troy that I felt the process begin. Months later with his love and support I feel happier, healthier and more myself than ever.” – Lyndsay 
“Troy is a true healer and has gone through great effort in healing himself. he is dedicated to helping you do the same. Troy’s sessions are pure unconditional love – open your mind and let Troy guide you to a better place!” – Ulf
“After a session with Troy, I can feel my heart open with the acceptance and love for what all this is and was; an experience to be felt.  He took me to a lucid yet deep place where I can read the signs of my journey; you might call it a soul healing.” – Stephanie