I have been blessed to have found such an amazing and heart centered team to work with. From the very first moment that I stepped into the Lotus Vibes studio, I was bathed in delicious herbal incenses and quickly recognized the sanctity and intention of this healing space. Daniela Botur and Lyndsay Shaw are offering their services with mindful healing intention, and the studio radiates with their love. The Tuesday and Thursday group healing sessions that I have been holding have brought incredible healing, meditation, and insight to numerous residents of the Town of Jackson, WY.  I could not have had such a positive effect on the community without the assistance of Lotus Vibes; for this I am forever grateful. This is a truly sacred space and carries celestial vibrations of the purest quality.  I have had the honor of attending a few of the chackra activation crystal sound bowl meditations held by Daniela, and can attest to the incredibly powerful visions and effect. I have also attended a few Yoga classes by Lyndsay and felt as if I had been reborn and floating on clouds after class. Lotus Vibes offers private crystal bowl meditations, and healing sessions while offering a refreshing weekly schedule; including chackra clearing, and Kundalini Yoga. – Troy Perrine