Sonic Eagle Call Sound Healing offers a unique style of sound healing termed Vibrational Meditational Sonic IMG_0548Healing Therapy. This unique therapy is a form of sound healing that incorporates guided meditation, sacred healing songs revealed in a crystalline frequency of celestial healing vibrations, and unique musical instruments that bring joy to the soul encouraging a divine dance between spirit and matter. The key to the success of these treatments is the vibration of the voice, the intention of the heart, and powerful prayers delivered through a purified channel. These sessions are amazing at releasing, past traumas and negative patterning of the soul and spirit; that lead to imbalances in our natural healthy physical state. This is a very powerful and pure shamanic healing session. Participants receive profound healing, soul retrieval, inner peace, and positive imprints. The healing path is mysterious, synchronistic, and unique like the infinite geometric crystal formations of snowflakes. Its arrival can come like the gentle perfume of flowers on a midnight breeze mingling into our dreams; or as a terrifying tornado of immeasurable veracity bearing down on our linear and ordered world. Troy’s healing path was nothing short of the two;    perfumed with gorgeous synchronicity and terrifying in the lessons of surrender and forgiveness. Fueled by a deep desire to heal his own grave physical conditions Troy Perrine traveled to the Amazon jungles of Peru and embarked upon a spiritual journey; a journey that consisted of more than 6 years of devoted study of medicinal plants, preparation, treatments and intense shamanic healing initiations. This deep immersion led to the opening of spiritual and medicinal healing worlds. Miraculous physical health resulted and Troy now understands that well-being is directly connected to the healing of the soul, spirit, mind, and body. Part of Troy’s experience of deep healing required over 7 months in isolation, daily prayers, plant medicines, fasting, and ultimately recognizing self-love and forgiveness. Troy Perrine is available for private sound healing sessions, group sound healing sessions, and consulting & guiding of those interested in visiting the medicinal planetary bank of the Amazon Jungle and Andean Inca strongholds of the mountains of Peru.   With Love, Gratitude, humility, and Compassion Troy Perrine offers his services to the community.

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